After the 50k drivel of a novel that came out of NaNoWriMo 2007 (entirely un-salvageable, it was!), I promised myself I would never attempt such madness again. Writing it slow, however, is turning out to be no writing. “Better unintelligible words than no words at all,” I thought. So, here I am, gearing up for yet another year of NaNo, the decision made just a few days before.

I think I must be quite mad. There are so many things going on in November (final papers and exams!) that adding 50k worth of a novel is perhaps mental and academic suicide. Then again, academically, my best term at Rice so far was Fall 2007, complete with NaNo. So maybe NaNo will be my savior, who knows? I tend to do better the busier I am. :>

The novel in question is tentatively titled The Beast’s Apprentice, a steampunk re-telling of Beauty & the Beast (though it is less Sci-Fi than contemporary fantasy set in Victorian era). Not wholly original a premise, but I am hoping to that writing it my own way will be good enough.

Thus far, I have a tentative synopsis, partially clear images of the two main characters and their names (this is important: I have a terrible predilection with names), some important scenes and conflicts that will drive the story, and a hazy vision of the climax — though strangely, there’s no ending scene in sight, which is rather worrying. I’m afraid I am grossly under-outlining, but too late to worry about that now!

I am reading and re-reading ‘s The Giant NaNo Prepping Post: Or, How Maggie Writes a Novel, whose prepping process is very much similar to mine (except I don’t have a playlist), and whose post is incredibly helpful in helping me finalizing the last few steps of prepping before the actual writing starts tomorrow.

I am excited about this novel. Here’s to hoping what I have learned so far in the Victorian Lit course will come in handy! *crosses fingers*

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I’m a university student currently uncertain about what I want to do with my life, though I do hope to attend a medical school after 4 years of college.

Reading and writing have always been a major part of my life, and one of my biggest aspirations is to become a published writer. It is a distant dream, but one I am determined to hold on to. Currently, I am planning and writing a YA steampunk re-telling of Beauty and the Beast called The Beast’s Apprentice.

This blog will hopefully contain a combination of my writing journey, my life troubles, and a series of links to posts I find interesting and/or helpful. :>