First off, two really cool contests you all should check out:

  1. The Bookshelf Muse’s Massive Followers Contest with many cool prizes. (It’s the last day today!)
  2. The Enchanted Inkpot with its First Annual Inkies Giveaway Extravaganza. Lots and lots of books. I will likely write blurbs for the books over the next two weeks. :)

Onto the booklog: I first created this blog wanting to review each novel I read as I finish them. That was in the summer, before college started and made reading for fun a luxury. So I told myself: “Hey, I can do monthly booklog instead!” That way, if I fail to deliver, everybody will know what a reading failure I am that month. I briefly thought about starting this tradition in 2010, but I never keep any resolution made during the New Year’s, and there is no time like the present, so. :)

I only read one book from start to finish in November. Very sad, yes. In my defense, I did do a lot of selective reading and re-reading for research’s sake.

Hawksong Hawksong by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes (YA paranormal, 256 pages)

I first ran across this book in my high school library 5 years ago and loved it on the first read and the subsequent re-reads. Amelia Atwater-Rhodes’ tale of success (she published her first novel at the age of 13) planted the dream of being a writer in the 14 years old me. I hesitated before picking this up for re-read because many of old favorites did not stand to the test of time, and I would much rather live with nice memories. Fortunately, I found myself still enjoying Hawksong.

Danica Shardae is an avian shapeshifter, a hawk, and the heir to the avian throne. Her people has been at war with the serpiente for longer than anybody can remember. Danica grew up learning of death and bloodshed, and she is willing to do anything to end the war, even marrying the leader of the serpiente, Zane Cobriana, who wants peace as much as she does. Before she can convince her people and reassure the serpiente that peace is possible, however, Danica must first learn to trust — and love — the one man she has always despised and feared.

Hawksong is a short and fast read, with sympathetic characters and a vivid world. Danica is a strong young woman not because of her abilities, but because of her bravery, her willingness to sacrifice her own happiness for her people, and her determination to see it through. Danica and Zane’s relationship is a sweet one, and I enjoy reading how Danica’s perception of the serpiente, and of Zane, changes throughout the novel.

Though I do wish the novel were longer and the plot deeper, I think it is a very entertaining read that accomplishes the tale it sets out to tell. There are four other novels in this series, and though I have not read any of them, I think I will seek them out eventually.

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